the beer scene in washington, d.c.

Over the past few years, I've been able to cover the D.C. beer scene with Phil Runco for Brightest Young Things. I've certainly calmed down with all of the beer shoots since the start of 2017, but these were some of my favorite shoots. There has been over a terabyte of photos, many days (and nights) and more beer than I can remember. 

There were also many puppies. 

(Don't want all the links to cool things I worked on? Go to the photos.) 

Just look at this photo of Mike Van Hall of Committee of Opprobriations / Stillwater Artisanal and his perfect pup from 2016. This was taken for the first Stillwater Artisanal article.

(Side story: I almost moved into Mike Van Hall's old apartment building solely because of all this light.) 

Tap Takeover

Phil and I got a Zipcar and made our way to Herndon. They moved to a new brewhouse since then. 

Article on Brightest Young Things

Aslin Beer Company

Stillwater Artisanal

There were two articles and four shoots.

In 2016, I was introduced to Mike Van Hall for the article about Stillwater Artisanal. I tried the beer. They've created some of my favorite beers. I like Stillwater and I cannot lie. 

In 2017, there were three shoots for this one article "Modern Confusion" that's over nine thousand words. The first shoot was at Momofuku, the day before my birthday. (I shot a couple frames from a Hassleblad.) The second was at Heurich House, where I finally figured out what that building was. The third was on the rooftop of my apartment building.

The City that Meads 

Phil and I got on the MARC train to Baltimore and checked out Charm City Meadworks on a weekday. It turns out I like mead. Then we missed the last train after eating at Of Love & Regret and had to take a Lyft all the way back to D.C. 

Charm City Meadworks

I also shot for other alcohol + food related articles.

This article, which was written by Logan Hollers, was about the Rickey Competition 2017 at Jack Rose

Heineken threw a few AfterWork events, like this Dog Days of Summer event at The Brig and this pool party at The Liaison Capitol Hill. 

Brew at the Zoo was very hot but very fun.

Truxton Inn had tiki bar drinks. Jack Rose also had a tiki bar. (I covered this tiki bar three years.)

I shot a Margarita Taste Test. I went to the Game of Thrones PUB

I went to The Watergate Hotel and enjoyed the view from Top of the Gate.

I took multiple Lyfts between Frederick and D.C. to take a weekend trip to Frederick for a few distillery tours during the White House Correspondence Dinner. (A Lyft that weekend was $60 to get from Frederick to D.C. and I shot for Hasan Minhaj. Shooting the White House Correspondents Dinner is the highlight of my career so far. I also broke my (loose) rule of not getting a photo with the client. Also, the food was great.) 

Maydan opened and it was a struggle to find room on the table.

There are many more articles on Brightest Young Things

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